Our clients benefit from a firm that approaches a direct fit for candidates with an uncommon level of professionalism. EDT does the in-depth locating and evaluation, understanding the client’s opportunities and selling the firm, taking the bumps out of salary negotiations, speaking with the spouse if needed, and realizing the candidate’s motivation for change. Basically all the client has to do is personality interviews. We take all the guessing out of the hiring process.

EDT understands the war for talent and initiates a superior level of service.

Our strategy is to work with the best A/E/C firms as clients so the talent we surface will have the best opportunity to achieve their career goals and make immediate bottom-line impact. EDT uses a “Client Focus” approach by identifying our client’s needs, recognizing career growth potential, defining the corporate culture, understanding the hiring process, meeting and interacting with decision-makers. EDT will only introduce a direct fit for candidates by developing a marketing and recruitment strategy. EDT executes with due diligence to uncover unsuspecting direct fits for candidates from the market. EDT will not present candidates from career web sites or candidates registered with multi agencies to our clients. All of our clients place an extreme amount of importance in hiring and the hiring process and so do we. That is one of the things that has made our firm tremendously successful.

Most importantly, we acquire the strongest candidate. EDT will land the candidate of choice by making an offer that will be accepted or not make any offer at all. EDT’s role is confirming that a candidate’s commitment and expectations are in accord with the client’s to assure an offer is accepted. EDT will counter-offer proof and close the candidate so that when a position is offered, it is accepted felicitously.

EDT’s involvement at this juncture is what sets us apart. EDT will maintain contact with the candidate during the transition from their previous employer to actually starting their new career with our client. Facilitating successful hires is how EDT becomes the “go to” firm.

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