Why We Are Different

What Makes Us A Better Solution

A.    Training

  • Training is a priority. Our current team and core members have been together since 2005.

B.    Our Methodology

Top Grading

  • Understand who the top 10% are within organizations.
  • Evaluate what makes one leader better than another for specific organizations.

True Headhunting

  • We target and recruit specific leaders in the niche market.


  • Designed to capture leaders – We locate the diamonds in the rough and hidden treasures others cannot bring.
  • Designed to uncover the top 10%.
  • Designed to weed out the bottom 70%.
  • Designed to build trust and rapport with candidates.
  • Designed to uncover motivation for change.
  • Designed to attack the market swiftly and with confidentiality.
  • Designed to assess presentation skills (verbal and written), accomplishments, business development success, projects completed, reputation, etc.
  • Designed to seek intangible qualities – culture, fit, drive, criteria for change.

Presenting Candidates

We present much more than a resume!

  • Our Full, Complete Evaluation
  • Motivations for Change
  • All Intangibles
  • Everything Else Discussed in the Recruiting Process!

Interacting with the Client

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the position from client.
  • Interact as needed throughout the process.
  • Deliver the candidate on the start date

C.    “Who’s Who” in the Marketplace

Executive Leadership

  • The fundamentals of our company have us strategically targeting from CEO level down to mid level management…in our marketing, in our recruiting, with our clients, etc. This is where we are comfortable and we already know many of them. Our referral network includes leaders in industry. When we have a POP candidate, our calls start with various CEOs so they know who we are — top down approach.

Market Insight

Organizational Metrics

  • We learn what is required by leaders in certain companies, which helps us in our targeted approach.

Organizational Structures

Company Cultures

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