Candidate Solutions

When representing a professional, The Engineering Development Team is very different than most companies in the recruitment business. We take on a role, which is like more of a sports agent mentality. Because we specifically work in your industry, we have the understanding of the needs of our clients, the companies for which you want to work!

EDT is not in the business of finding people jobs, like most recruiting companies. We are in the business of isolating only the opportunity to achieve your career goals. Hours of work go into the location process and even more into the evaluation of the professional. Our job is to not only learn your technical ability but more importantly to define your career roadblocks. This is when we confidentially speak to the best companies to see who can provide the career path you desire. We professionally manage expectations and assess and ensure a match to our client’s organization, management, and environment to cinch a direct fit. EDT generates a candidate profile to present to our clients for a prompt decision to proceed. We arrange and confirm contacts and meetings afterwards, debrief and keep all parties informed throughout the process.

What Do We Do for Our Candidates?

Our business is to identify and get to know the best talent in the A/E/C arena. EDT strives to acquire intimate knowledge of the market in order to recognize and furthermore enlist top candidates for our clients within the diverse disciplines of the A/E/C landscape.

Our reputation, years of experience, and industry focus assures we can land the best opportunity for our candidates. EDT is about building relationships.